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Certificaciones Externas

CErtificaciones externas

Certificaciones externas

Nuestros alumnos tienen la posibilidad de certificar su nivel en el idioma en las más prestigiosas examinadoras.


In today’s global world, English is the most common language spoken everywhere and it is playing a major role in technology, business and education. Therefore, the importance of learning proper English can’t be denied or ignored.

Anybody who wants to show his/her level of English must obtain an official certification (Cambridge or TOEFL) to get the adequate Reference level.

Being in possession of one of these certificates will be extremely important in order to find a high quality job in an international and competitive business world.


Cambridge is a British certification. It’s divided into different level exams:

YLE (Young Learners English) – Starters, Movers and Flyers

Elementary level: A2 Key (Key English Test) – KET

Intermediate level: B1 Preliminary (Preliminary English Test) – PET

Upper Intermediate level: B2 FCE (First Certificate in English) – FIRST

Advanced Level: C1 (Advanced exam) – CAE

Proficient Level: C2 (Proficiency exam) – CPE


TOEFL is an American certification that assesses your English level. It’s divided into: TOEFL PRIMARY  and TOEFL JUNIOR

Depending on the scores you get in the exam, the level can be:

A1 Basic or Beginner

A2 Elementary

B1 Pre- Intermediate

B2 Intermediate

C1 Upper-Intermediate


  • Chino: YCT (Young Learners Chinese Test). Organizado por el Instituto Confucio, está destinado a estudiantes de Primaria y Secundaria cuya primera lengua no es el chino.


  • Francés: Delf (Diplôme d’études en langue française); es el diploma oficial internacional de lengua francesa expedido por el Ministerio de Educación Nacional de Francia.
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